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Johannes has been passionately involved in integrative medicine and preventive health for 25 years. In his early career he develop biofeedback imaging devices and has been trained as a licensed META-Health Master Trainer, NLP, Hypno Therapy Master Practitioner, Yoga and Energy Medicine Therapist.

Mr. Fisslinger founded National Yoga Month, a national observance and awareness campaign every September to educate about the health benefits of yoga and inspire healthy living. He also directed and produced the acclaimed movie TITANS OF YOGA featuring 25 modern masters of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

In 2013 Mr. Fisslinger founded META-Health University, the World's Only Lifestyle Prescriptions® Training School, to train health care professionals in writing Lifestyle Prescriptions® and Root-Cause Diagnosis & Solutions.

In 2017 Johannes initiated the non-profit Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation and awareness campaign to inspire health professionals to integrate Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Prescriptions® in health care practices. Featured events are the Lifestyle Medicine Online Summit and Lifestyle Prescriptions® LIVE Forum events.


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1994-1997 Biofeedback Imaging Photography (in 7+ languages)

1998-2003 Aura Mastery (in English, Spanish and German)

2005 Das META-Medizin Handbuch (in German)

2013 META-Health - A Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm

2013 META-Health - Decoding your body's intelligence

2013 META-Gesund! VAK Verlag

2015 META-Health Organ Directory

2016 META-Health Yoga

2016 Lifestyle Prescriptions® Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Reference Charts for Health Professionals Learn more ...




2010 Titans of Yoga - Documentary 2010

2018 Believe in Miracles - The Truth About Spontaneous Healings" (TBD)




1963 Born near Munich, Germany

1984-1997 Education in Europe, India and USA in Holistic Therapies and Counseling (Biofeedback, Color Therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Alternative Healing Methods, Human Bio Energy Systems and Biofield Technology)

1990-1994 Research and European Distribution of AURA-PHOTOGRAPHY equipment. Analysis of Tens of Thousands of Aura Chakra Images. Co-Initiator of the first European AURA SCHOOL.

1991 Author of “Aura Imaging Photography”. Published in seven languages.

1992-1994 Lectures & Seminars on Mind, Body and Energy throughout Europe, Australia and USA.

1994-1997 Featured Speaker at The Whole Expo Tour – US nationwide

1994-2000 President of Inneractive, Inc. Inventor of Inneractive Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging Technology. Developed biofeedback products and aura chakra imaging instruments including the AURA IN MOTION and AURA VIDEO STATION ™ systems.

1999 Author of “Aura Mastery”, published in several languages.

1999 Creation and Introduction of AURA SHOP concept and franchise

2001 Development of AURA SHOP EXPRESS station and AURA QUICK SCAN; and the AURA SHOP line of energy balancing products.

2003 Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis

2004 Co-Founder and President of the Intl. Meta-Medicine Association

2004 Lecture at the 1. Energy Medicine Congress in Heidelberg/Germany. Presenting META-Medicine Lectures and Seminars in US and Europe. Private META-Medicine Health Coaching Practice in Los Angeles

2005 Ph.D. in Health Psychology Development of the META-Medicine Diploma Trainings

2006 Health Breast Cancer Foundation (Beverly Hills Gala Fundraiser with Dean Ornish MD, Christine Northrup Md and more...)

2008 Founder of National Yoga Month - a global awareness campaign and national observance to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Founder and president of Yoga Health Foundation


2008 Producer and Founder of the 1. Integrative Medicine Conference in Munich, Germany


2010 Founder Yoga-Recess in Schools - a national campaign to bring yoga-based health and fitness education into classrooms.


2010 Producer and director of the movie TITANS OF YOGA


2012 Co-Founder META-Health - The Art and Science of Self-Healing


2013 Author META-Health book


2013 Founder META-Health University


2013 Producer META-Health Online World Summit


2015 Producer 7th META-Health Conference Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Hawaii


2016 Introducing Lifestyle Prescriptions® and evolving META-Health University to be the world's only Lifestyle Prescriptions® Training School.


2016 Launch Lifestyle Prescriptions® Awareness Campaign


2017 Teach Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Trainings


2017 Lifestyle Medicine Online Summit


2017 2017 Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp Virtual Retreat




Selection of press coverage and appearances over the last years.


Television & Radio

B3 – Bavaria Live TV Talk Show
TELE5 Germany Breakfast TV. Interviewed on Energy and Healing
SAT 1 Europe “Phantastische Phaenomene”
BBC Europe “Transformations” International Documentary
SciFi Channel “Mysteries” Interview on Auras and Energy
Cable Los Angeles “The Winning Image” Interview and Demonstration
KOMO, KCTL, etc Radio Interviews (Seattle)
KSCF, etc Radio Interviews (San Francisco)
UPN “Strange Universe”
FOX "Good Day LA"
NBC "Mike & Matty Show"
SKY CHANNEL U.K. “Breakfast Morning Show"
Martha Steward Show
Denver Morning News
NBC, ABC and many others



Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Business Journal
Feng Shui Magazine
Specialty Retail Magazine
Day Spa Magazine
New Age Journal
Body & Soul Magazin
Awareness Magazine
Publisher's Weekly
Book Expo Magazine
Magical Blend Magazin
Aquarius Music Journal
Yahoo Live Online Interview
Naturheilpraxis (Naturopath)
COMED Magazin
Zeitschrift für Naturheilkunde
Fit Yoga Magazine
Yoga Journal
LA Yoga
Wall Street Journal
Hollywood Reporter



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