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"My Life Purpose Is To Inspire Healthy & Conscious Living Through Global Awareness Campaigns."
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Lifestyle Prescriptions® - The World's Only Lifestyle Prescriptions® Training School
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Center - Incl. our We-Do-It-For-You Business & Marketing Setup
Own a low-investment, low-maintenance, high satisfaction lifestyle/integrative medicine micro-practice. The training includes Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Diagnostics, proven energy psychology techniques and lifestyle prescription® protocols and our exclusive business and marketing setup. ALL-INCLUSE TRAINING - all you need to own your successful health practice.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Foundation - Non-profit awareness campaign
Global Awareness Campaign To Write Green Prescriptions
Inspire your friends & health professionals to learn about Green Prescriptions and how to reverse chronic health issues by knowing the root-cause and using targeted lifestyle modifications. FREE TRAINING plus download worksheets




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