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Johannes R. Fisslinger MA, LPHC, HWC

Johannes R. Fisslinger, MA, LPHCS, HWC

Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

Founder HealthiWealthi™ Coaching Platform & Ecosystem

Author “The 6 Root-Causes Of All Symptoms”

Director/Producer “Lifestyle Medicine” and “Titans of Yoga” documentary films

Co-Founder National Yoga Month September

Board Member Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation

Master’s Degree in Health Coaching

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Years Teaching Worldwide

The Art and Science of Self-Healing and Lifestyle Medicine

Books Written

About Biofeedback, Energy Medicine, Self-Healing, Quantum-Neuro-Biology

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Years Teaching Worldwide

Working with clients resolving chronic body-mind symptoms

Biography & History

+ Studied & Practiced Meditation, Yoga, Alternative Healing Methods for over 25 years

+ Trained as an Energy Medicine and Psychology Practitioner

NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner & Trainer

+ Biofeedback Imaging Technology Developer

Founder National Yoga Month Awareness Campaign (National Observance September USA)

+ Heal Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

+ Director/Producer of the documentary films ‘Titans of Yoga’ and ‘Lifestyle Medicine

+ Producer Lifestyle Medicine Conferences Hawai, Munich, London

+ ThermoBuzzer Thermography Infrared Imaging System developer

+ Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

Author of 5 books including ‘The 6 Root-Causes Of All Symptoms’ and HealthiWealthi™ Solutions

Approval of Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Accredited Integrative Master’s and Ph.D. Doctorate Degree Programs in Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine (2023)

+ Ph.D. Degree Research in progress (2021-2024)

+ Founder HealthiWealthi™ | Health Coaching for EVERYONE 

Founder Dr. HealthiWealthi™ AI and Lifestyle Medicine Works PRO AI (2023)


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