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"My Life Purpose Is To Inspire Healthy & Conscious Living Through Global Awareness Campaigns."
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FREE Green Prescriptions Training Webinar for ALL Traditional and Complementary Health Care Providers
Learn the 3 keys to writing effective green health focused prescriptions (includes 2 worksheets you can use to start right away).

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Awareness Campaign and Online SummitR Certification Training -
Inspire your friends & health professionals to learn about Green Prescriptions and how to reverse chronic health issues by knowing the root-cause and using targeted lifestyle modifications.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Provider Certification Training
Write Green and Lifestyle Prescriptions for your clients. Based on newest research in Lifestyle Medicine, META-Health and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the power of Micro-Habit Solutions.


META-Health University - Courses, Diplomas and Degrees in Integrative Medicine and META-Health

Become a board-certified META-Health Specialist and authority in the Art and Science of Self-Healing


META-Health Yoga - Ancient Practice meets Modern Mind Body Science


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